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Carbon fibre for composite material applications

Sigmatex supports the University of Liverpool Motorsport Team

Sigmatex News Liverpool Motorsport Team

The University of Liverpool Motorsport Team (ULM) recently visited Sigmatex, and the company has offered to provide the team with composite fabrics to assist with the manufacture of this year’s car, which is now entering the early stages of production.

The University of Liverpool Motorsport Society is the Formula Student team representing the University of Liverpool. Formula Student is an international competition in which top engineering students design, build and race a single seat racing car.

Sigmatex is committed to engaging with the community in various ways as part of its Outreach programme, including working with schools and universities to promote science and engineering as a career choice, and also to offer support and expertise in terms of provision of carbon fibre fabric and technical advice and guidance.

Adrian Bell, ULM Sponsorship Manager, University of Liverpool Motorsport comments:

“As composites are an exciting and advanced engineering material to work with, and they find their way into many components of the ULM car, the chance for members of the team to visit the Sigmatex facility was a great opportunity for learning, and for networking with industry. The team was given a presentation about Sigmatex’s capabilities, global expansion and industrial involvement, along with a tour of the factory, where materials for most of the world’s supercars were being produced. The day offered a great experience for the undergraduate students who are fast approaching life in industry.”