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Carbon fibre for composite material applications



Aerospace manufacturers are constantly looking for technological advances that will allow aircraft to travel further, faster, carry more passengers and use less fuel. For this reason, aerospace was one of the first industries to adopt the use of composites in its designs, because low weight and durability are crucial to an increasing range of applications. Sigmatex has over 30 years’ experience in developing aerospace-qualified carbon fibre textile solutions for many structural and interior applications within various types of aircraft.

Sigmatex works with virtually all of the major aerospace companies, supplying carbon fibre that has to pass numerous stringent quality tests. Sigmatex constantly develops its products to ensure that it is at the leading edge of technology so that there is a range of solutions for different applications in aircraft. Using advanced Sigmatex carbon fibre means that aircraft are lighter, stronger, can carry greater payloads, and use less fuel. Sigmatex
is AS9100C approved.