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Carbon fibre for composite material applications



The benefits of using composite materials are being realised within a growing number of sectors. Carbon fibre has an unmatched strength and stiffness to weight ratio compared to steel, aluminium and titanium. Carbon fibre composites are more resistant to fatigue and corrosion than traditional metals which increases the in-service lifespan.

Sigmatex carbon fibre products are ideal for a range of industrial applications, as they can be easily formed into a variety of complex shapes. Industrial applications – including oil and gas, petro-chemical, machine building and tooling markets – where metals have been the first choice, are now seeing the advantages offered by carbon composites. Industrial applications for Sigmatex’s carbon fibre also include structural repair wraps for concrete structures such as bridges and support columns. The Sigmatex technical team can work with engineers to design and develop solutions to many challenges, using carbon fibre in new, innovative ways to result in better, stronger and lighter products. Applications can range from wind energy to infrastructure reinforcement.