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Carbon fibre for composite material applications



Sigmatex manufactures carbon textiles that are used to construct various types of vessels, ranging from high performance catamarans to naval boats and passenger ferries. In line with our ‘Design for Performance’ ethos, we also work with some of the world’s leading racing yacht teams, in order to give them the winning edge. Sigmatex has full DNV approval.

Marine environments can provide challenging settings, however Sigmatex carbon fibre lends itself well to these extremes. Sigmatex carbon fibre provides exceptional lightweight solutions without sacrificing strength. Marine-based applications include masts, hulls, propellers, rudders and more.

Research & Development

Sigmatex has a very well equipped technical department which works with customers to develop advanced and innovative carbon fibre textile technologies for marine applications, to provide bespoke solutions designed to meet specifications, quality requirements and performance criteria.

Download the Ozata Shipyard Case Study