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Carbon fibre for composite material applications



The space industry is particularly demanding on materials. With high value projects, designers and engineers must design and select materials that will not fail in extreme environments. At the same time they must engineer components to extremely tight tolerances, with minimum weights and often small overall dimensions to perform under intense conditions that are vastly different to what we experience on earth.

Sigmatex is able to provide carbon fibre fabrics to fulfil the stringent requirements of the space industry. Boasting the broadest qualification base of any carbon fibre weaver for high modulus/high performance carbon fibres, Sigmatex works alongside customers to design and select optimal materials and develop innovative solutions to the leading designers and manufacturers of communication satellites and other space structures. Continual investment in equipment and facilities enables Sigmatex to reliably work with specialised, delicate and expensive fibres to provide enabling materials to the space market. Sigmatex has developed special processes to minimise the damage to these fibres during the weaving process.