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Carbon fibre for composite material applications


Recycling clean carbon fibre waste

Waste streams:

  • Waste from the weaving process
  • Waste from the NCF process
  • Waste collected in an extraction system used in manufacturing at Sigmatex

Primary waste streams

NCF waste stream:

  • Virgin Waste
  • No further processing required

Weaving waste stream:

  • Waste contains polyester threads & Cf
  • To optimise value of waste stream, separation of fibre is required

Recycled Products

With fluctuations in carbon availability related to aerospace demand in the past, by using the high end materials form the Fibrecycle project in aerospace applications will allow more recycled material availability and free up virgin fibre availability.

Initial indications show comparative stiffness can be achieved when compared to virgin non-recycled fibres.

  • 50wt% CF-PET biaxial fabric
  • 4 layers = approx 1mm thickness
  • 0/90 fibre orientation
  • Press moulded

The above findings were part of the outcome of a project co-funded by the Technology Strategy Board’s Collaborative Research and Development programme, following an open competition.