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Carbon fibre for composite material applications

About us

Sigmatex is the world’s leading independent converter of carbon fibre

Carbon fibre for composite material applications

Sigmatex develops and manufactures carbon fibre textiles for composite material applications. From global locations, Sigmatex supplies woven carbon fibre textiles including 3D, spread tow, innegra, recycled, unidirectional, multiaxial, and 2D woven solutions across a broad spread of industries, ranging from the world’s high volume automotive manufacturers to performance leisure brands and most of the world’s major aerospace companies.

In all cases, Sigmatex helps its customers to achieve improved product performance through lightweight strength. Sigmatex was established in 1986 and has specialised in helping customers create cutting edge carbon fibre textiles since then.

Volume material processing

With significant global manufacturing presence, Sigmatex currently has a huge capacity to produce innovative carbon fibre textiles, and with the company’s aggressive global investment programme, this capacity is continually increasing. Sigmatex’s proven capability converts massive quantities of carbon fibre each year for major projects that require high levels of quality and reliability, enabled by its business management system that is underpinned by AS9100C. Sigmatex can also offer the ability to co-locate with customers to provide on-site carbon textile manufacture.

Innovative research and development

Sigmatex has a very well equipped technical department which works with customers to develop advanced and innovative carbon fibre textile solutions. Materials are designed to meet all quality requirements, specifications and performance criteria. Areas which affect materials performance can be tailored and include fibre orientation, crimp, drapeability, thickness and resin permeability. This approach, which has led to the development of products such as 3D woven carbon fibre, results in an improvement in the performance, reliability and cost of carbon fibre structure fabrication, and enables the use of carbon fibre in new applications. These textile solutions often require a dynamic, innovative approach to design for manufacture, in addition to expert knowledge about carbon fibre, which is the core strength of Sigmatex.

Efficient technology

Sigmatex, utilising its continuous improvement programme, continually improves manufacturing equipment and processes to produce new technologies in an efficient manner, and to ensure manufacturing capacities and capabilities are available ahead of market requirements. Sigmatex is also developing ways to improve the sustainability of carbon fibre by introducing recycled products and by optimising the design of materials.

Providing advice about how to benefit from carbon fibre

Sigmatex provides advice to its customers about how to gain maximum benefit from using carbon fibre. Products that may previously have been designed and manufactured from metals are now being replaced by carbon fibre; carbon fibre textiles are an enabling technology and can open up new ways of designing improved products to achieve higher technical performance through lightweight strength. And of course in sport, carbon fibre can make the difference between winning and losing. Sigmatex’s customers generally don’t have their own textile experts, so Sigmatex can be part of a customer’s design team. For many applications, carbon fibre can mean lower whole life costs than using traditional materials, due to benefits such as reduced energy costs.

Independence means flexibility

Sigmatex’s independence means that it can advise on what is genuinely the best solution for a customer’s requirements, offering a variety of technologies for composite products, sourcing different fibres if required.

Global manufacturing presence

Sigmatex UK – Head Office

Runcorn (1986)
Manufacturing / R&D headquarters
95,000 sq. ft.

Sigmatex High Technology Fabrics Inc.

Benicia (California) (1998)
Manufacturing – Woven / Non crimp fabrics
40,000 sq. ft.

Sigmatex Carbon Textile Solutions Inc.

Orangeburg (South Carolina
) (2015)
Manufacturing – Woven / Non Crimp / Spread Tow
75,000 sq. ft. – 450,000 sq. ft.

Sigmatex (Shanghai) Composite Materials Company Ltd

Shanghai (2010)
Woven/ Spread Tow
45,000 sq. ft.