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Carbon fibre for composite material applications



With over 30 years’ experience, Sigmatex is one of the world’s largest independent carbon fibre converters, providing a range of technical textile solutions to some of the world’s biggest brands across a variety of market sectors.

The majority of the world’s supercars, hypercars and racing cars including Formula 1 feature Sigmatex carbon textiles – as well as many other luxury and mainstream vehicles. Our carbon fibre is used in such products where lightweighting and strength are essential to achieve high performance and increased efficiency. The world’s leading car manufacturers choose Sigmatex carbon fibre because of its advanced technical product design and its proven capability to provide durable, lightweight and cost-effective carbon fibre fabrics.

Global Presence

Sigmatex has a significant global manufacturing presence with facilities across three continents, and is continually investing in capability and capacity. Sigmatex’s proven capability converts massive quantities of carbon fibre each year for major projects that require a high level of quality and reliability. Sigmatex can also offer the ability to co-locate with customers to provide on-site carbon textile manufacture.

Research & Development

Sigmatex’s technical department works with customers to develop advanced and innovative carbon fibre textile solutions for automotive applications. These are designed and developed to meet all quality requirements, specifications and performance criteria. Areas which affect materials’ performance, including fibre orientation, crimp, drapeability, thickness and resin permeability, can be tailored to provide optimum performance.

This approach, which has led to the development of innovative solutions such as 3D woven carbon fibre, results in an improvement in the performance, reliability and cost of carbon fibre reinforcements. These textile solutions often require a dynamic and innovative approach to design for manufacture, in addition to expert knowledge about carbon fibre, which is the core strength of Sigmatex.

Lightweighting Excellence

Sigmatex’s global headquarters, based in the North West of England, is home to the Lightweighting Centre of Excellence where the automotive R&D team is based. The automotive market is constantly evolving, and this demands continual innovation in technical textiles. Sigmatex has brought together key players in the composites industry to work on the Lightweighting Excellence Programme (LX). The LX consortium is working to enhance capability within the UK automotive supply chain to manufacture composite components in medium to high volumes, at affordable costs, by connecting the key functions of material supply, design and manufacturing. Three UK-based automotive OEMS are working closely with Sigmatex and the LX consortium partners on the following use cases:

Bentley Motors – Door Inner Structure
Emerald Automotive – Exterior Body Panels
Nissan – Structural Component