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Carbon fibre for composite material applications


Providing advice about how to benefit from carbon fibre

Sigmatex fabric and design experts provide advice to customers about how to gain maximum benefit from using carbon fibre fabrics. Products that have been designed and manufactured from metals can increasingly be manufactured more efficiently from composites. The carbon fibre textiles offered by Sigmatex are an enabling technology and can open up new ways of designing improved products to achieve higher technical performance through improved materials characteristics.

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Design Capability

Sigmatex has complete weave design capability, utilising in-house experts and specialist CAD software. The CAD used by Sigmatex is used to simulate woven design and also convert customer CAD into woven structures. The Sigmatex design team will work with customers to develop cost effective solutions and provide detailed woven design information to ensure fibre orientation, position and design are to customer requirements.

Use Sigmatex as part of your design team

Sigmatex’s customers generally don’t have their own in-house textile experts, so Sigmatex can be part of a customer’s design team. With textile expertise in all conversion technologies, Sigmatex is an excellent partner to assist you in developing solutions. Sigmatex can even co-locate with customers to provide on-site carbon fibre manufacture.

Our design process

Sigmatex Design Process